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I'm Moving!!!

First, I want to apologize for being so neglectful with my hybrid projects. I think I got too excited by the idea, not realizing the time that would go into this. I should have started a project like this several months ago, instead of coming up with the idea 4 days before the first of July and trying to pull it off. That pretty much describes my life--just ask my poor hubby!

So, I'm still going to be working on all these projects and post as I go, but they may not all come in the month of July.

Now for my news of moving. Several months ago, I had an idea come to mind for the perfect design name. Of course, that inspiration didn't come a year and a half ago when I tried and tried to come up with something that fit me! And I've gone back and forth on whether or not I should change my design name. I'm just feeling like people are starting to know me and recognize me in the digiworld, so I was hesitant to change things around. Well, after much thinking, I have decided to make the switch. I have also decided to start fresh with a whole new blog and blog address that goes with my new name!

Here is my new address.

Ramona the Pest

Please come visit me here and I promise to reward you all! I have a great freebie that everyone can earn! I will still have all the fun things continue over there, the LDS freebies on Mondays, hybrid projects as I finish them and then random freebies to go with my new releases. I also plan on journaling more and sharing small tidbits from my somewhat crazy, but boring life! LOL!

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