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Byte #24

I know I keep saying this, but I really can't believe how fast this month is going! Wow! Only a week left after today! I have to get busy and finish up some layouts for this month's challenges at Brownie Scraps, as well as a couple of hybrid projects I'm working on!

Anyway, here is byte #24 and if you've missed any others, check out our forum HERE to see how to earn any back!

Download HERE


New Releases and latest Brownie Byte

Today is our weekly Bake Sale! What this means is all our new product is released and there are lots of sales! This is definately the day to shop at Brownie Scraps! LOL!

Here are the two new products I have released and you can get them each for only $1.50 for today! After that, they will be on sale for 25% off for the next week!

Also, for our Brownie Bytes, starting yesterday through the end of January, we are giving out pieces of a quick album put together with this kit. So, even if you've missed the first 20 days of the bytes, you can still take advantage of this cute mini album! The cover page and back page were given out yesterday and can be found on our blog. The link will be up for tomorrow, as well. The next page in this series can be picked up right here! Enjoy!

Download Here

Also, if you have missed a few of the bytes and would like to see how to get the ones you missed, check THIS out in our forum!


Silly Spelling Mistake!

Okay, it has bothered me all night that I misspelled "Peek" I don't know what I was thinking! I mean, honestly I wasn't giving you a sneaky "peak" of a mountain! I noticed my error as I was posting it, but too lazy to redo the whole "sneak peek" picture. So, I had to apologize! I really do know the difference!!!

Here is another "sneak PEEK" of our Big news coming to our site tomorrow! You don't want to miss out!
I will unveil the rest tonight!


Brownie Byte #12

This has been so fun, giving everyone a second chance to download links they've missed.

**Link has Expired**

I am also posting today's brownie byte, which is #18.

Link has Expired

I thought I would also give you a sneak peak of my new kit coming out on Thursday, at our Bake Sale! It will be 50% off that day, so you'll want to snag it before it goes to regular price!

It's also time to unveil more of our changes that are coming on Tuesday! Tomorrow morning we'll unveil more and then the rest tomorrow night!


Brownie Byte # 6

Continuing on with our Blog train and our second chance brownie bytes, here is day 6 if you missed it before!

**Link has expired**

I also have the next piece of our puzzle to reveal!


Second Chance Brownie Bytes

I am so excited to give you one last chance to pick up any of our January Brownie Bytes you may have missed! We have set up a blog train and you can visit each of our blogs and download the first 5, starting tonight for 24 hours! Each night, each of our blogs will offer a different byte! How cool is that? See how much we love you all!

Plus, we have a surprise that we are baking up at Browniescraps, and you don't want to miss this! Each night, I will unveil a few more of the puzzle peices until you see what we have for you!
Now for DAY 2 of our Brownie Bytes, it will be here for 24 hours, so snag it today!
**Link has expired **
To pick up Days 1, 3, 4 & 5 tonight, click on the blog links on the right! And thanks for all your support!


The latest Byte

This month is going so quickly! Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days, but each day's byte is always available on our Store site! So, if you think this would be a fun kit to collect, check us out each morning in our Forum

I also have 2 new kits in my store and I'm going to offer them here, to all of you, at a discount! Just for reading my blog and checking out my product, you can get a 25% discount on any of my products through the weekend. Just put what you want in your cart and use this code at checkout: blogreader

It will only work on my products which are listed under the designer name of "browniescraps".

Here are previews of my two newest additions:

I designed this baptism kit because I wanted to make a special gift for my neice who was just baptized. I also have my first daughter getting baptized in April, and I just couldn't find much for what I wanted to do. So, I designed this. I'm also going to start designing an LDS themed kit per week, so if you have anything in particular you have been looking for, just email me at ramsfam13@yahoo.com or put it in the comments here. I'm going to be doing everything from scouting to young women's to relief society and of course, fun things for all our primary kids!

Last, here is today's freebie, part of our Birthday Mega we've been giving away!

**Link has expired**


Another Byte

I was gone for a few days, down in Nevada visiting family! So, the bytes have been posted daily on our Store Blog, but I didn't get them posted here. If you've missed the last couple of days, the links are still up there and you can check them out!

Click HERE to download and leave some love if you are enjoying this birthday goodie!


5.00 off coupon...

Here is a coupon to receive $5.00 off any order over $10.00 in my store. I have my new gingham kit and lots of other fun stuff there! Here is the link to all my product or you can click on any kit to the side to go directly to that kit.


Our Eighth Brownie Byte

**Link has Expired**


Posting for Bethany

I'm posting our 7th brownie byte here, because Bethany's Internet is down! We usually trade off each day, but since she is out of commission, I told her I'd post hers here! She created the darling papers and elements in today's byte! If you missed day 5 or 6, they are still availabe HERE.

**Link has Expired**


Our Sixth Brownie Byte

Wow, this time is really flying by! I have another goodie for you and hope you enjoy it. I also have a favor to ask of anyone who is interested! I have a sweet little boy who was born with a chromosomal defect. He actually has 3 extra chromosomes, which is very rare. It causes lots of challenges, mostly in developmental and behavior. For Sam, he struggles with speech as a big one, but will face many challenges throughout his life. There are other children like Sam, whether it be this exact condition, autism or many other developmental challenges. Currently, in our country, children are required (in most states) to go on long waiting lists to receive services when they become adults. It creates years of waiting and many challenges for the parents who try to care for them. We are many years from this (Sam is only 4) but we will be there before we know it!

Many of us, parents who want what's best for our children, are working to get this changed. There is a much better description of it HERE, as well as an opportunity to vote. We are working to move this item to the top of the list and hopefully it will be presented to President Elect Obama!

So, as you download this yummy brownie byte today, please click on the link above and read through our initiative and place your vote! It would mean so much to me and my family, as well as many other families. Thank you!
**Link has expired**


Our 4th Byte!

I'm posting this a few hours early, since Sunday mornings are always so crazy! Getting 5 kids out the door to church by 9 a.m. is never an easy task! LOL!

**Link has expired**

I hope you are enjoying our little downloads. I only do the even days, so if you want to download the odd ones, click HERE to get those! We keep the links up for 3 days, so hopefully everyone has a chance to pick it up!



Brownie Bytes

Over at my store, Brownie Scraps, we have a fun daily download for all our members! Each month, 2 designers team up and create a MEGA kit. We give out the MEGA kit byte by byte each day! We leave the links up for 3 days, so if you missed yesterday, it's not too late! You can pick up Bethany's piece HERE.

I thought I would post mine here for today! We went with a birthday theme since it's the first of the year, we all know that all our loved ones will have birthdays in the coming year! Also, we have a coordinating mini that we give away for all of our members in our forum. So hop in today, register at our site and let us know when your birthday is! We want to celebrate that special day with you!

**Link Has Expired**


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