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Second Chance Brownie Bytes

I am so excited to give you one last chance to pick up any of our January Brownie Bytes you may have missed! We have set up a blog train and you can visit each of our blogs and download the first 5, starting tonight for 24 hours! Each night, each of our blogs will offer a different byte! How cool is that? See how much we love you all!

Plus, we have a surprise that we are baking up at Browniescraps, and you don't want to miss this! Each night, I will unveil a few more of the puzzle peices until you see what we have for you!
Now for DAY 2 of our Brownie Bytes, it will be here for 24 hours, so snag it today!
**Link has expired **
To pick up Days 1, 3, 4 & 5 tonight, click on the blog links on the right! And thanks for all your support!

coddinam  – (January 18, 2009 at 8:16 PM)  

Hi! I was here fri & sat night,but all of the links for the "catch up" bites were not activated...I am still missing many of the scrpndaisie ones-2,4,6,8,20,11,12 and 1,3,5.7 of the brscrpsdays.Are the designers still going to post these? I went to all of the blogs but it's confusing who has what links? Can you pls fix this?
thank you,Ann

Brown Family  – (January 19, 2009 at 11:56 AM)  

The designers at Brownie Scraps love planning, organizing and designing our monthly Brownie Bytes. Our purpose in doing this, is to give you all a "taste" of our style and the quality of our product! We also do it with the intent to share our Brownie Goodies with everyone! Part of the fun, is encouraging people to come to our site every day to see what new goody we have for them. We understand that life happens and sometimes a byte is missed. We do leave the links up for 3 days each, but even then, things happen. Occasionally, we may offer a second-chance, but more often than not, we won't. We want people to visit us daily--we like the company! And we hope that you will each enjoy, not only the product we produce, but the fun challenges we put together and the friendship we offer through our forum!
But, if we spent the time, giving links to every person who missed them, on a daily basis, we would be limited on our "baking" time and we need this to come up with new and fun product every month! Each month we will have a new MEGA kit with a new theme! Also, at a future date, we will sale the MEGA's for anyone who missed out! We hope you will continue to visit us and check out ALL our sweets and goodies~~The Brownie Team

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