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A Stone Rolls Forth

I only have a paper pack for the freebie tonight, because the rest of the kit is in the works, but not completed! I really love where this one is going and it will be amazing when it is all done. I really wanted to go with a heritage type kit that also celebrates the life of Joseph Smith and all the other early pioneers. So, each week throughout July I will have a new installment for this kit.

Also, I have a fun announcement to post about some fun changes at Brownie Scraps, so look for that news below!

Download HERE


Hybrid Project--Badge Album

So, I learned a really cute little hybrid album project this past week and thought I would share! I'm going to make more of these for my kids to take to church. It will be so nice for them to look through quietly and they are so sturdy!

For this project, I am using a badge album that Jewel of Mad Genius Designs put together using my "One Summer Day" kit. She is on our CT and was so awesome to introduce me to this fun project!

You can currently pick up the pages of the badge album in our forum HERE for FREE!! Each day we have two more pages of the album to download!

So, the first thing you do is put your pictures in each of the album pieces and then move them onto a 12x12 300 dpi screen. This is the same as putting them on a 12x12 paper. It took two of these for this project! Once I had them all done and on the 2 pages, I sent them off for printing. You could use an 81/2 x 11 paper and print at home, it would just take more of them. So, whatever works for getting them printed. I use "Scrapping Simply" which does amazing work and each 12x12 is only $1.99. They ship just about anywhere and their site is linked here in my blog, if you are interested. (I don't get paid by them for advertising, I just like them so much I thought I would share the info with others).

Oh, one other thing. I would buy your badges first so you know the exact size. I didn't do this and ended up needing to trim mine! I just went to the office supply section of Wal-mart and found the plastic name badge cases. I think I got 12 for $1.68. Not too bad!

Once you have that all done and printed, it will look like this:


The next thing I did was cut them out and slide them in the little covers. I love how thick the plastic covers are. It makes the little album so sturdy! Here is what the project looked like half done:


Once I had them all in place, then I placed to silver binder rings in the top and it's done! I still need to add ribbon to decorate the rings, but you get the idea!


So many fun things to do with this! I'm even thinking this would make a darling ABC album to help my kids learn their ABC's! I hope you enjoy making it. I have a few more hybrid projects in the works, so check back often!


Quickpage Freebie

Well, the kit is no longer available for free, but I do have this quickpage I made, based on the layout I did of my daughter! And you can pick the kit up at my shop for only $3.00.


Download HERE


Free Kit

I'm so excited about today's Freebie! As promised, I have another LDS freebie to give away! I made this kit based on the Primary Song, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me". I love this song. It is one of my favorites of all time. I still remember sitting in primary (many, many years ago) and learning this song for the first time! I remember picturing the velvet rose and the lilac tree! So, here is my kit for this song.


I also wanted to show a couple of ways that this kit could be used! Of course, making a layout is the easiest thing to think of, so I did that! I used a picture of my daughter from the park this last week.


Then I thought about how you could use this kit to make little handouts for a primary class. So, this is nothing fancy, but it will give you an idea...


I would love to hear of any other ideas! So, if anyone downloads this kit and makes anything or thinks of any creative ways to use it, please share with me!!

Here are the download links. They will only be available for the next 24 hours!

**Links expired**

Also, check out my friend Tiffany's blog for a darling wordart that she made to match this kit! Her blog can be found HERE She also did a cute layout with this kit!


Eastern Elegance

I released a new kit today and it will be 20% off for the next week. I also have a quick page for you, made from the kit.

**Link has Expired**

Here is the kit, Eastern Elegance:

Pick up the kit HERE


Great Freebie!

I'm so excited about tonight's freebie! I had a request, a few months back, to do some wedding kits, in different colors with pictures of the Salt Lake temple. I live in northern Utah, so I packed up the kids and went on a little photo shoot! I've been doing a different kit for lots of different color schemes, so if this one doesn't match, keep checking in.

Recently, I decided to start giving away a FREE LDS kit/product every monday. So, for those of you who are always looking for some new LDS art, check in every Monday night (after family night, of course!). I will be doing stuff for Scouts, Young Women, Primary, Relief Society, etc. You'll never know what to find, but there will be something new and fun every Monday night!

So, to kick this off, here is my first wedding kit using blues. There are lots of neutral wedding elements, as well, so you don't have to be LDS or married in the Salt Lake temple to get use out of this. And please, leave me some love if you enjoy it! I want to know what I can improve, what works, what doesn't, etc.


Paper 1
Paper 2



Free Template

So, I was experimenting with paper folding today, and thought I would make a free template out of my new skill! I love how it turned out and how easy it is to get this look! All you have to do is clip your papers to the different layers, and it looks like you folded a two-sided paper! How fun is that!

This template will be free here for 24 hours and then it will be for sale in my store, so grab it now! Also, you can check out the other 2 templates I have available in my shop.

Download HERE


CU Freebie

I currently have a Grab Bag in my store. It has 6 different CU sets of product and would originally sell for $24.00. I have it on sale, for the month of June, for $5.00. Here is a little sample of a few of the products you will find in the Grab Bag!

download has expired


Freebie Friday

Every friday, I like to give away something. You can find it here, on my design blog or at Browniescraps on my blog there.

This week I released my new kit, "Adventures with Daddy" and it comes with a free pack of layout starters for the first week.

For my freebie today, I made an add-on alpha to go with this kit. It's a brown, glittery uppercase alpha. Click here to download.

Leave me some love if you enjoy it!


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