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Hybrid Project

One of my favorite things to try with my digiscrap designs, is anything hybrid! I love combining what I do on the computer with real life things I can hold and touch. This idea was first inspired by the website Digital Scrapbooking 101. I tried their template, but it didn't work for what I was wanting to do, so I created my own!

The first thing I did was go to the store and buy several cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk. I bought the Nestle Carnation brand, but the other brand there was the exact same size, so either will work for this template. Then, I filled up a big pot with water, peeled the labels off the cans and put them in the water. Yep, they're still sealed and everything. I did 5 cans, but I could fit more and will do more next time.

I checked on them periodically and added water to make sure that water covered all the cans. I boiled them like this for 3 hours. At the end of the 3 hours, I opened one of the cans to try it myself and it was the best caramel dip, I've ever tasted. (I've been informed by my husband that this is actually a very popular south american treat called dulce de luce) but for me, it tasted like caramel! And it was so creamy and smooth!

Anyway, with the remaining sealed cans, I used the template I made by measuring the label, printed it out, cut it out and applied it to the cans. I also made cards to match. Didn't they turn out so cute? I can't wait to give these out to our friends and neighbors with a bag of apples!

So, for today's freebie, I have included the template for the label (2 on the page) and a template for the card. Plus, I included the pieces of the blue card so that all you have to do (if you want to make one yourself) is print it out on cardstock (I used my plain old $30 printer from Wal-mart), cut out the pieces and glue together! I hope you enjoy this and find a use for it as well! Oh, and the card is the size that will fit perfectly in a regular invitation envelope that you can buy in bulk for just a few dollars!

Download TEMPLATES here


Unto Us a Child is Born

Tonight's Word Art was inspired by the darling play I attended. My oldest son and my 7 yo daughter were both cast in the play. It's one of my absolute holiday favorites..."The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever". I adore this play and the message taught by the dirty Herdmen children! My oldest played the oldest Herdman boy and that made it extra special! He played Joseph in the pageant, even if his character was a very unlikely Joseph.

But, I have to say, the show was stolen by the youngest Herdman child, Gladys. She was the Angel and had so much energy and excitement. When she jumped out, and with all the vibrance inside her, exclaimed "unto us a child is born" and then proceeded to shove the shepards toward the stable, it was not only darling, but a bit touching!

I have a picture of the cast. My son is the dirty boy, gathered around the manger in the cream shirt. My daughter is one of the baby angels in the background! It was a wonderful evening!

Download Word Art HERE


No Room in the Inn

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas story is how there was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph. Having delivered 5 babies, with #6 coming this spring, I can't even imagine what it would be like to deliver in a stable with only the animals to oversee.

But, perhaps my favorite thing about this part of the story, is how it applies to me and my own life. Do I make room in my inn? Or am I too busy and too overwhelmed by life, to make room for the most important things. I hope this quote will help remind each of us, as we go about this busy time attending plays and parties and concerts and fit in the shopping--let's remember that making "room" for the important things is what we will remember most!

Download HERE


Picture a Christmas

I just finished designing my new kit, called "Picture a Christmas". I loved every moment I spent on this kit! It is my favorite part of this season, and to be able to work on it a little bit every day, really has made this time of year, that much more special!

In releasing the kit, I am going to have a freebie every day, for the next week, that coordinates with the kit! They will be pieces that aren't included in the kit! So, you can pick these up, buy the kit and have it all! This kit comes with 27 papers and 40 elements. Plus, inside each freebie download, I will have a coupon for something special in my store! Tonight's coupon is for 50% off the kit! That can be on top of the 25% off the kit will be from now until Christmas, so you really can't beat getting this kit for 75% off it's original price! To pick up this gem, visit my store by clicking HERE.

Also, tomorrow I will have a new poll up for my build-a-kit! This got put on hold for a bit because I got so consumed in creating this new kit! But, we will be back on track tomorrow!

Click HERE to download!


Elephants on Parade

I have two freebies to give away tonight! I finished my new baby kit, "Elephants on Parade" and made a quickpage and Word Art to give to all of you! I'm still looking for theme ideas for the color palette to the right, so feel free to leave any ideas in the comment section here!
So, here is a layout with my baby girl (okay so she's almost 3!) right after she was born! I love this picture. It seems to capture a certain amount of vulnerability and innocence!
I turned this layout into the following quickpage. I also did the word art show here, separately, in case you'd like to use it on different layouts! You can pick up both below!

This kit is currently on sale for 50% off, in my shop HERE. Also, if you buy and download this kit, I snuck in a 50% off coupon for future orders into the element pack! Plus, don't forget that you can earn this kit or any of my other new kits just by choosing the winning theme for my new "build-a-kit".

Download Quickpage

Download Wordart


Free Paper Pack

Tis the Season to give, give, give! I love sharing freebies on the Web, and I thought this little paper pack would be perfect to share with you all! I made this awhile back for a challenge and I love the way the textures turned out! I LOVE rich papers! I hope you enjoy this as well!

Also, the poll is about up for the color palette, but now I need help with a theme! It looks like the first palette has won! So, post a comment here about a theme you can picture with this palette. If you theme idea is chosen, I will send you any one of the 4 kits posted on the side from my store! You choose your favorite! Here's what you do...Post a comment with a theme idea and which kit is your favorite. If I choose you, I will email you the download links for the kit and use your theme idea in building my new kit! Sound fun? I hope so! I love doing kits this way! I can't wait to see the ideas!

Click HERE and HERE to download my "French Countryside" paper pack!


Brownie Supreme Bake Off--Ct Call

Check out all the details HERE in our forum! This is going to be so fun!


CU Sampler for FREE

How can you beat 5 FREE CU products at once!!! I've got some fun CU packages in the work and thought I'd share a piece from several of them! For the preview, I included them colored, to give you some ideas, but each CU item comes desaturated and ready for any color you want to add!

While you're downloading, check out my poll on the side and choose a color palette! Also, leave a comment or two about any ideas you have for use of your favorite color palette!

Check back tomorrow for more fun things!
Download HERE


31% off ALL my products

Click on any of the kits to the side to visit my shop and look through my product! In honor of my 13th wedding anniversary today, I'm putting everything in my shop on sale for 31% off! This sale is on top of the 25% off sale I have for my holiday kits!


Freebie Quickpage and "Build-a-Kit"

For the Freebie today, I have a quickpage I made from my new kit "Perfect Dreams". I created this kit for the baby book of my daughter I am working on.

You can pick it up below!

I came up with a fun idea yesterday and I'm really excited to try it out! I love designing kits, but sometimes I do best when I have a reason to create it! So, here's your chance! Not only can you all help me "build-a-kit" but you will also have the chance to earn the kit for free-before it hits the store!

So, here is how it will work. I'm going to post a poll (look to the side) between several color palettes. You get to vote and the winner will be the palette I do the kit with. Also, when you vote for your color palette, post a comment here, letting me know ideas for themes! Once I get those two pieces of information, I will create the paper pack and give you all a chance to download for free! Next, I'll look for input on elements, word arts, etc. to go with the kit. Again, I will design it and then give a 24 hour period to download for free! Lastly, I will seek ideas for names for the kit and the winner of that will win a coupon to my shop!

Sound fun? I hope so! I'm looking forward to this!

Download Quickpage HERE


Pick a Flower

I'm so excited about the layout I created tonight! I used Kelly's (Dreamers Magic Designs) kit called "Heirloom Romance". I love this kit! It is so elegant. But what also made this fun, was using some of the tips that Kelly recently shared in our forum! She is amazing with her tutorials!

Here is just one of the great tips I used to create this layout!
So, I wanted to share the Wordart I made for this layout, for anyone else that has some flower layouts to create! Oh, and while you're checking out the great tips that Kelly has shared, sign up for our forum and you will receive a cute welcome kit which matches our Brownie/Chocolate theme! We have some fun challenges you can do to show off your talent and by participating you can win Brownie Points which you can trade in for Brownie Bucks to use in our store! It's just too much fun to miss out on!


Let it Snow...

I have a couple of things to share tonight! First, I wanted to show off a layout I made of our first snow storm last week! I used this new kit that I'm giving away, so I hope you have downloaded it and started scrapping! I would love to see any layouts you do with it!
Tomorrow night I will be giving away the quick page that goes with the layout I completed above! This is my little boy Sam, isn't he adorable?
Okay, here is the freebie I have for tonight! This border is 12 inches long, so you can put it at the bottom of a paper or anything. I thought it would be fun!

Download Here

And leave some love if you like it!!


My Favorite Quote

I absolutely LOVE this quote! I knew I had to make it into a Word Art! Also, I have finished the kit and will give you a sneak peak tonight!

It will be available tomorrow and Friday for free! How fun is that? After that, it will go on sale. So, here is the Word Art for today...

Download Here

Isn't that just a great quote? Also, keep checking back, because I have some very fun holiday stuff in store for everyone! Over at Brownie Scraps we are going to be doing the 25 days of Christmas with holiday pieces that will collect into one huge Mega kit! And the best part is...it's all FREE!


Merry Christmas

So, I'm getting ready to release my new Christmas kit! And the best part is, it will be Free for the first 3 days that I release it! To give you just a little taste, I have a Word Art that will go with the new kit! The theme is snowmen, because I'm so excited to be living in a place where we actually get snow this year (just moved from Southern Nevada). So, to share my excitement, I am creating a fun Snow Buddy kit!

Download Here


Give Thanks...

I have a free Word Art to give out! Since we're in the month of November, it's a great time to think of all our blessings and give thanks. I'm most thankful for my family and all their love and support! I have 5 amazing kids and one on the way. Life is crazy, but so full and fun! I love this time of year!
Just click on the word art to download! And leave some love if you enjoy it!


My New Site!!!

I'm so excited to start this site! It will be a place to share my exciting design ideas and products, as well as different scrap layouts and ideas. I hope to spread out into hybrid projects and share all those ideas here! First of all, in the excitement of releasing my two new kits, I have a free quickpage to share with everyone!

And here are my two new kits which will be up for sale tomorrow in my shop at Brownie Scraps.

They will be 25% off for the first 3 days, so hop in quick and pick them up! Also, we have a great collaboration kit for FREE with every purchase over $5.00! You'll love it. It has over 30 papers and almost 50 elements!


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